Syed Mohd Nooh is a lecturer in the Department of Clinical Science at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and has been member of the research faculty since 2008. He received both bachelor and master degree of engineering from Tokyo Denki University, Japan with his research on Development of a non-wearing type of pupillography using LabVIEW under Biomedical Engineering Laboratory.  Prior to joining the faculty he was a R&D engineer at Panasonic AVC Networks Johor Malaysia and a manufacturing engineer at Brother Industries Technology Malaysia.

His main research interest lies in the area of medical image processing, focusing on the low-cost ultrasound imaging system. One of his projects was concerned on developing an ultrasound machine performance and safety monitoring system. A main feature of this system is to improve the safety and quality of low cost ultrasound machine, especially in Malaysia. He is particularly enthusiastic about working on research related to patient safety issues in health care setting and projects that involve pushing forward into new frontiers of health care.

He is actively involved in national and international research competition, as a result, one of his projects; Novel Low Cost Ultrasound (Sonoimprometer) has received several awards in the competition. He is the author of several international journal and conference papers and is an active consultant and member of society in his research areas.

In his spare time, he can be found playing badminton (fairly), reading books, jogging, or enjoying good food and movies. He managed his own personal facebook and LinkedIn account. He would rather consume natural remedies instead of prescription drugs.


Research Interest

Medical Imaging, Human Performance Engineering, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Virtual Instrumentation, Patient and Medical Device Safety


Syed Mohd Nooh Bin Syed Omar
Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering (FBME)
Level 5, Block A, Building V01, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
81310 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Telephone: +607 55 58512
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