SUKUM 2017: Chess arena

For the first time, UTM manage to secure silver medal for women team category and after 14 years, UTM won gold medal for men team category. What a bless… with another gold medal for man blitz category, silver medal for man individual category and bronze medal for woman individual category. Thanks to all teammates. We fight again next year.

FBME Eidulfitri Celebration 2017

Haaaa!!!! Haaaa!!! FBME did celebrate Eidulfitri this year. Thanks to our dean for the satay. Dekan belanja :D … [Continue reading]

A ceremony to handover the SUKUM flag to UTM athletes

Last week, during monthly NC talk, the SUKUM flag was hand over to the UTM athletes and we carry the responsibility to win the battle. Yes!!! We will win!!!     … [Continue reading]

Johor Closed Chess Game 2017

In selecting the chess players for Johor region, JCorp has organised Johor Closed Chess Game 2017. I won 3 out of 7 rounds where those who attend were grand masters from the state level. Though, me and teammate joined this battle as a preparation for … [Continue reading]

Pre-photoshoot FBME and IJN-UTM for Eidulfitri 2017

[Continue reading]

Iftar with KECAS 2017

Iftar with UTM Chess Club or KECAS. As usual, I'm as the Food & Beverage Executive need to setup the event. … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Syahiran’s publication

Congratulation to Syahiran, one of my PhD students who able to publish in Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Q1 with an impact factor of 2.981. The title is A review of Acalypha indica L.(Euphorbiaceae) as traditional medicinal plant and its therapeutic … [Continue reading]

Attachment student from The Swiss University, Indonesia

What a good results we got with Gabriella's antibiotic which able to kill E. Coli and S. Aureus excellently.   … [Continue reading]

SKEL 3503 & SMBE4824

I will never forget the memory with them, final year students of FBME and third year students of FKE who take my Physiology class. U guys are awesome. … [Continue reading]

Retirement of FBME dean Prof Jasmy

A farewell ceremony was organised by BAKES FBME for the retirement of our beloved dean Prof Jasmy. I will truly miss him. … [Continue reading]