Programme Learning Outcomes : Bachelor of Science ( Biology )

Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Acquire fundamental and practical knowledge of biological sciences.
  • Apply knowledge and relevant technical skills in biological sciences.
  • Analyze or synthesize or evaluate theoretical or experimental data using fundamental knowledge in biological sciences.
  • Communicate, with clarity and coherence, concepts and arguments in Biological Sciences.
  • To solve problems using scientific approach in the context of their chosen specialization.
  • Work collaboratively as an individual and as a leader in a team.
  • Create awareness of business opportunity and entrepreneurship.
  • Practice ethical values in professional practice and social interactions for sustainable development.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of the skills and attributes necessary for lifelong learning, including intellectual independence, effective time management and utilization of a variety of resource materials.
  • Acquire and understand knowledge in contemporary issues locally and internationally.

Bachelor of Science (Biology)
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