SMBE1012 – Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (1st Meeting with Other Fac)

The course of Introduction to Biomedical Engineering requires students to complete their project in using the LEGO. They need to develop robotic hand, students from FKE will develop the bottom part of motor, FC will develop apps to control the robot and FM will study the market. A total of 15 groups were assigned and members of each groups consist of students from four faculties. In the end of the project, they will compete each other with specific task given. This post will be continued soon once they in the competition.



Department Meeting

I had a department meeting on 3rd October 2017 in which discussing about the future of our staff and department itself.


SMBE4513 – Rehabilitation Engineering (Exercise Week 4)

On 2nd October 2017, an exercise was given to my students of rehabilitation engineering class. They were asked to select the best control interface according to specific disease that have been assigned to each group. There are 5 groups of student. Each group received one of the diseases: upper limb stroke patient, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, children with Autism and Alzheimer’s patient. Based on the diseases, they need to identify what is the control interface that suitable for the patient and need to explain why they choose the interface in front of the class. Well done girls and guys!!


Appointed as assistant chairman for PhD VIVA

For the first time in my career as an academician, I have been appointed as assistant chairman for PhD VIVA. The candidate is Mr. Abdul Aziz from FBMEa and his research work is related to sport biomechanics of rowing.


Waiting for external examiner

The VIVA was begin

Candidate explaining theoretical aspect to the examiners

After VIVA

Congratulations to Dr. Abdul Aziz for the success. You made it after a long journey of 3 years studies for obtaining PhD certificate. Let’s contribute the knowledge to the others.


SWB4513 – Rehabilitation Engineering course for UTMSpace student

For this semester, I teach UTMSpace student for the course of Rehabilitation Engineering. On 24th September 2017, there was a presentation by the students, however I managed to capture a photo of a group only. =P



Became a facilitator for First Year Experience program

On 30th September 2017, I was appointed as a facilitator for a slot during the First Year Experience (FYE) program. This program is compulsory to all first year undergraduate students of FBME. The slot that I facilitate the students was a team working session. The students need to build  a tower using straw and masking tape using their own creativity and then will be compete with other groups. For testing, a number of tin can will be placed on the top of the tower in order to evaluate the stability. Another marks is the height of tower. Here is my group photos:


Kembara Ilmu SMK Skudai 2017

We, 10 academic staff and 14 undergraduate students of FBME,  have successfully organised an education camp for secondary school students at Hutan Rekreasi UTM from 25th until 26th September 2017. The event was conducted in collaboration with SMK Skudai. A total of 112 SPM students from SMK Skudai were joined. Alhamdulillah, it was a success program.


Discussing something

Playing a game

Leisure time

Explore Race question

Building a tower using masking tape and straw only

Opening speech by our dean, Prof Rafiq

A demonstration on how to setup a camp

My team in preparing prizes



During the day we organised the conference event, during the night we enjoy =).

Had a dinner at Pulai Springs Resort as a token appreciate to all committee members as well as delegates who successfully organised the conference event.


Academic Visit to Hospital Putrajaya and Institut Kanser Negara

Had a great moment with post-graduate students of Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering, FBME in visiting the Hospital Putrajaya and Institut Kanser Negara on 19th September 2017, both located at Putrajaya . This visit was conducted and organised by Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) FBME. A total of 40 PG students from FBME were joined this visit.

Some pictures during the visit at Hospital Putrajaya:

With the Deputy Director of Hospital Putrajaya

At the lobby


Some pictures during the visit at Institut Kanser Negara:

Main entrance of the IKN

A token appreciation to the IKN’s representative



Congratulations to the Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering for successfully organised an international conference, called as International Medical Device and Technology Conference – IMEDITEC2017. A total of 78 participants were participated in this prestigious conference. Special thanks to the committee who always put their valuable efforts in making this event success:

Keynotes speakers:

Opening ceremony:

Opening ceremony


and of course me =)