Mediteg Grant

Mediteg Grant

eTechnoFund GRANT
  1. "Up-scaling of Prototype Titanium Alloy Implant for Dental and Craniofacial Application by Powder Injection Moulding Technique Using Palm Oil Based Binder System."

    Grant approved: RM3,658,583 (2 years)

eScienceFund GRANT
  1. "Development of Hydroxyapatite Biomimetic Coating of Biomedical Grade Metallic Implant Using Investment Casting Technique."

    Grant approved: RM380,100 (2 years)

  1. "Failure Prediction of Cancellous Bone Using Morphological Data of Trabeculae Structure."

    Grant approved: RM349,610 (2 years)

  1. "Bio-tribocorrosion Performance of High Carbon and Low Carbon Biomedical Grade CoCrMo Alloys."

    Grant approved: RM272,000 (2 years)

  1. "Nano-sized Hydroxyapatite Particles Reinforced Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene for Biomedical Applications."

    Grant approved: RM265,630 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Binary Mg-Ca Alloys as Bone Analogue Scaffold."

    Grant approved: RM257,830 (2 years)

  1. "Biomimetic Design and Fabrication of Load Bearing Tissue Scaffolds for Stem Cells Tissue Regeneration."

    Grant approved: RM248,600 (2 years)

  1. "Design and Fabrication of Specialised High Flexion (HF) Knee Implants Fortified by Nano-Crystalline Diamond Coatings."

    Grant approved: RM208,200 (2 years)

  1. "Bone Adaptation Algorithm as a Preoperative Surgical Tool in Joint Arthroplasty."

    Grant approved: RM199,600 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Low Friction Lightweight Acetabular Cup Specialised for Malaysian Population."

    Grant approved: RM196,800 (2 years)

  1. "The Effect of Cartilage Rings on 3D Simulated Airflow of the Trachea and Main Bronchi."

    Grant approved: RM186,760 (2 years)

  1. "Biomechanical Analyses and Design Optimisation Using the Bone Remodeling Potential (BRP) for Hip Joint Arthroplasty."

    Grant approved: RM177,100 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Polyetheretherketone Hydroxyapatite Bioactive Composite for Load Bearing Bone Analogue."

    Grant approved: RM163,700 (2 years)

  1. "Early Warning Detection of the Risk of Rupture of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm using the Fluid Structure Interaction Technique."

    Grant approved: RM140,100 (2 years)

  1. "Development of a Mechanical Interlock Dental Prosthesis with Hydroxyapatite/Silver/Titania Biocomposite Thin Film Coating."

    Grant approved: RM254,500 (2 years)

  1. "Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Fluid Flow Simulation for Pre and Post Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, and through the Radiocephalic Arteriovenous Fistula with and without localized Stenosis."

    Grant approved: RM258,200 (2 years)

  1. "Biomechanical Analysis and Implant Development for Total Arthroplasty of the Shoulder and Elbow Joint."

    Grant approved: RM235,100 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Novel Implant with Micropatterns to Improve Wear Resistance in Load Bearing Joint of the Hip and Knee."

    Grant approved: RM192,600 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Biodegradable Elastomer/Calcium Phosphate Synthetic Ligament Graft for Potential Use in Ligament Reconstruction."

    Grant approved: RM200,000 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Porous Tantalum Chondrocyte Implant for Repair of Focal Osteochondral Defects – in vivo Study in Goats."

    Grant approved: RM238,600 (1 year)

  1. "Three Dimensional Investigation of Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in the Third Ventricle and the Aqueduct of Sylvius."

    Grant approved: RM190,800 (1 year)

  1. "Interface Micromotion Failure Simulation of Cementless Hip Prosthesis."

    Grant approved: RM15,000 (6 months)

  1. "A New Method for Material Properties Assignment to Individual Element of Finite Element Model Based on Greyscale Value."

    Grant approved: RM40,000 (2 years)

  1. "A Study on the Effect of Carbon Content of Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum Alloys to Diamond Coating Surface Treatment."

    Grant approved: RM44,000 (2 years)

  1. "Diffusion Evaluation of Hydroxyapatite on Biometallic Implant Using Investment Casting Technique."

    Grant approved: RM52,000 (2 years)

  1. "Study of Low Friction Lightweight Acetabular Cup Specialised for Malaysian Population."

    Grant approved: RM50,000 (2 years)

  1. "Modelling the Micromechanical Behaviour of Campaniform Sensillum and Its Mimetic Structure."

    Grant approved: RM189,000 (2 years)

  1. "New Model for Functional Adaptation of Cancellous Bone."

    Grant approved: RM98,000 (2 years)

  1. "Development and Assessment of e-Evaluation and Intervention System for Health and Fitness Among Malaysian Children."

    Grant approved: RM130,000 (2 years)

  1. "Development of the Human Spinal Column for Virtual Analyses of Surgical Procedures."

    Grant approved: RM150,000 (2 years)

  1. "Surface Treatment of Biomedical Grade Titanium for Hard Tissue Repair Using TiN and Diamond."

    Grant approved: RM130,000 (2 years)

  1. "Development Of A Continuous Microwave Reactor For The Production Of Nanomaterials."

    Grant approved: RM130,000 (2 years)

  1. "Fabrication of Biomedical Scaffolds for Guided Bone Regeneration."

    Grant approved: RM40,000 (1 years)

  1. "Human Gait Transition; Limit to Human Walking Speed – Predictions, Purpose and Functions."

    Grant approved: RM40,000 (1 years)

  1. "Development of Osseo-Ligamentous Finite Element Model of the Human Ankle Joint."

    Grant approved: RM40,000 (1 years)

  1. "Novel metal-polymer system for biodegradable implants."

    Grant approved: RM150,000 (2 years)

  1. "Development of Novel Top-Down Manufacturing Methdos for Textile-Based (Bio)Medical Micro-/Nano-Devices."

    Grant approved: RM129,000 (2 years)

  1. "Surface Modification and Protein Adsorption study of Polymer and Composite Scaffolds based on Biodegradable Polymers."

    Grant approved: RM40,000 (1 years)

  1. "Fabrication and Characterisation of Biodegradable Polymer Based Tissue Engineering Scaffolds using Emulsion Freezing/Freeze-Drying Process."

    Grant approved: RM30,000 (1 year)

  1. "Characterisation of Multi Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Bio-Inspired Inertial Sensor for Medical Surgery Guidance Application."

    Grant approved: RM30,000 (1 year)

  1. "Biodegradable craniofacial implants."

    Grant approved: RM30,000 (1 year)

  1. "Exploring New Techniques of Articulation for Wrist Joint Replacement Implant."

    Grant approved: RM95,000 (2 year)

  1. "Degradation monitoring of biodegradable implants."

    Grant approved: RM246,000 (2 year)

  1. "Exploration on the Use of Fused Deposition Modeling for Accurate & Complete Modeling of Anatomical Joints."

    Grant approved: RM54,000 (2 year)

  1. "Exploration on a New Ear Protective Device with Selective Noise Attenuation."

    Grant approved: RM208,600 (2 year)

  1. "Exploring the Potential of Feather Fiber for the Development of Dental Post for the Treatment of Pulpless Teeth."

    Grant approved: RM110,000 (2 year)

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