Thank you UTM

Praised be to Allah, Who has granted me the strength and faith in doing my routine as academia. Peace and blessing of Allah are due to His Messenger, the prophet Muhammad and his family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the faculty admins, all my colleagues, my students and most importantly my family members for their countless loves, strong faith, understanding and patience.

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SPACE Programme – 3rd year PBL presentation

After having the final presentation from the Perdana Program students, the presentation for 3rd year PBL for SPACE program was held in February. For this time around, we have only 2 groups of student under the theme of Pillow and Blanket.

Thank you Dr. Fauzan and Dr. Zahran and Congratulations to the SPACE students who has successfully develop the prototype in one week time.

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3rd year PBL 2014.

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This semester is the first time that we run Problem Based Learning (PBL) laboratory  in Conceive- Design-Implement and Operate (CDIO) method. This laboratory course provides students with the opportunity to integrate technical knowledge and generic skills attained in the earlier years. This is to be achieved within the context of a medical engineering project conducted in a small team (typically six students) under the supervision of an academic staff. Topics supplementing this course include Bioinstrumentation, Biomechanics and Biomaterial, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Signal Processing and Clinical engineering. The laboratory is conducted based on Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) in which students are required to solve real and complex engineering problem by collecting information and feedback from the end user, design suitable experimental procedures for their innovations, present their innovations and finally submit the report.

After 12 weeks of hard work in designing and implementing their prototypes, Final presentation for Problem Based Learning Lab was finally held at FBME Lecture Auditorium. 8 groups have presented their innovation under 4 different themes: Fetal heart rate monitoring, baby wear, Asthma monitoring and finally sleep disorder.

Congratulations to all 3rd year FBME students. Keep up the good work.