GOP to New Zealand

GOP to Seoul National University, Korea Advanced Institute Of Science and Technology, Yonsei University
GOP to Perth Australia
GOP to New Zealand
GOP to Hong Kong and Shenzhen
GOP to Technische Universitate Ilmenau (TUIL), Germany
GOP to Hong Kong dan Shenzhen, China
GOP to Batam, Indonesia
 GOP to Bandung, Indonesia

The second GOP program in 2011 brings our undergraduate students to travel to Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedine, New Zealand. The program ran for 6 days from 14th until 19th April 2011. Eighteen students were accompanied by an escort officer, Dr. Nik Ahmad Nizam Nik Malek, senior lecturer of Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioengineering. The group visited University of Lincoln and University of Octago. UTM should continue this effort of promoting frontal learning for our students to experience new cultures and knowledge from its Global Outreach initiative. The program has certainly helped to instill and reinforce the generic skills developed among our undergraduate students.