Congratulations Shonia!

Congrats Shonia Nair on successfully submitting her MSc dissertation. Shonia has isolated and identified starch degrading bacteria from cassava processing industry. The bacteria has potential applications in wastewater treatment, and biofuel … [Continue reading]

Chew Ping Successfully Defended Her PhD Thesis!

Congratulations Lau Chew Ping on her successful PhD thesis defense today! Chew Ping was investigating the fate of silver nanoparticles in the environment, and their effects on environmental microorganisms. One paper has been published from this … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Masturah and Judith!

Congratulations Masturah and Judith on successfully securing scholarships for their MPhil and PhD studies! Masturah secured a MyBrain scholarship for her MPhil study, while Judith secured a consecutive UTM International Doctoral Fellowship (IDF) … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Mubassir!

Mubassir has successfully defended his MPhil thesis on 1 December 2016, and passed with minor corrections. He was working on the modelling and bioinformatic analysis of Xa21 and PAMP RaxX21, which are the key proteins involved in pathogen triggered … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Judith!

Congratulations Judith Audu on being awarded UTM International Doctoral Fund (IDF) for Semester I 2016/2017. Judith is working towards her PhD in Proteomics Lab, on POME treatment/energy generation using dark fermentation and bioelectrochemical … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Fatin Syuhadah!

Congratulations Fatin Syuhadah on successfully submitting her MSc dissertation! She was working on the anaerobic utilisation of starch and simultaneous biohydrogen production by Bacillus sp. SSA. We wish her all the best with her new position. … [Continue reading]

Shi Jing completed internship in Proteomics Lab

Chon Shi Jing, from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) has just completed her internship in Proteomics Lab. She was working on the isolation and identification of starch-degrading, biohydrogen-producing bacteria from starch processing industry. We … [Continue reading]

Congratulations FYUP students!

Congratulations to Proteomics Lab FYUP students on successfully presenting their reports during the last FYUP Seminar. They are Ayathull Fatin Mohd Jar, Mohd Sukri Hassan, Mohd Firdaus Noraslan, and Tham Sin Ying. Good luck in your future endeavour! … [Continue reading]

New MSc and PhD positions available on marine microalgae characterisations

Update (18 October 2016): This position has now been filled. MSc and PhD positions are now available on characterisations of marine microalgae associated with harmful algal bloom (HAB) in Malaysia. Applications are invited from candidates with … [Continue reading]

New MSc position available on protein biochemistry

Update (18 October 2016): This position has now been filled. One (1) MSc by full research position is currently available in my lab, on the biochemistry of heat shock protein 47. Application is welcomed from Malaysian candidate, with suitable … [Continue reading]