New ÄKTA pure for our Protein and Proteomic Needs

The Faculty has acquired an ÄKTA pure system, which has a higher capability for protein purification than the current ÄKTAprime plus available in the lab. It also comes equipped with His-tag, ion exchange, and gel chromatography columns. Members of the Proteomics Lab will have access to this shared instrument.

Photo courtesy of GE Life Sciences.

Malaysian Educational Module on Responsible Conduct of Research

The Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM) has launched the Malaysian Education Module on Responsible Conduct of Research, in February 2018, in conjunction with the Regional Conference on Safe and Secure Science at Sunway University Kuala Lumpur.

This educational module complements the Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research. The first version has 10 chapters, targeting various aspects of research, from ethics, safety, financial and data management, and publications. It is an extremely useful module for teaching RCR in Malaysian public universities, with all activities suggested are based on the 21st century learning experience.

The module can be read freely online here, or can be purchased from the Academy of Sciences Malaysia by e-mailing

Congratulations Nurain and Tan!

Congratulations to Nurain M Tahir and Tan Sing Ngoh on successfully presenting their reports during the recent Final Year Undergraduate Project (FYUP) Seminar. Nurain also received the best presenter award.

Well done!

First Review Article on Heat Shock Protein 47

Our first review article on Heat Shock Protein 47 (HSP47) is now published on Wiley’s Encyclopaedia of Life Sciences (eLS). It can be accessed here.


“Heat shock protein 47 (HSP47), a noninhibitory serine protease inhibitor (SERPIN, clade H1) family member, is a unique collagen‐specific molecular chaperone. The binding of HSP47 to collagen has been the subject of intense investigation, as it binds to and only to collagen. This binding specificity presents a relatively unexplored potential of using HSP47 as a target for treatment of collagen‐related diseases and abnormalities. Homology model studies and structural determination have revealed the important amino acid residues for HSP47‐collagen binding interaction. HSP47‐knockout experiment in mice proved the importance of HSP47 for correct folding of collagen triple helices, thus critical for normal development. Various diagnostic and treatment strategies based on the unique HSP47 functions are now being investigated and proposed.” (eLS, DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0028005)

The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research (MCRCR)

The National Science Council, in collaboration with MIGHT, has recently launched the The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research (MCRCR). MCRCR outlines the principles of responsible conduct in research, and the practice. Quoting Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Zakri Abdul Hamid, FASc in his foreword: “adherence and compliance with the Code will ensure that research in Malaysia will be pursued earnestly and honestly, with integrity and accountability. It denotes that our researchers and research entities – universities, research institutes, laboratories, research programmes – embrace the accepted code of conduct so crucial in ensuring that research is being pursued vigorously and with propriety. This will boost our Science inherently and internationally.”

It can be freely accessed at MIGHT’s website, or downloaded here.

Congratulations Rusna Shakira, Siti Noor Aisyah and Siti Amirah!

Congratulations Rusna Shakira, Siti Noor Aisyah and Siti Amirah on successfully defending their MSc (Biotechnology) mixed mode dissertation on 16 January 2018!

Rusna optimised bacterial starch degradation, and Siti Noor Aisyah was working with bacterial consortium for higher starch degradation and biohydrogen production using starch wastewater. Siti Amirah investigated the effects of heat pre-treatment on cassava-processing sludge for mixed bacterial culture biohydrogen generation.

All the best in your future endeavour.


Yong, Mah and Nurzulaina Won Awards at FYUP Symposium

Congratulations Yong Jing Xuan, Mah Ming Hui and Nurzulaina Ahmad Zulkifli on winning awards at the recent FYUP Symposium on 15-16 June 2017. Yong received the best poster and best presenter awards, Mah received the best poster award, while Nurzulaina was awarded the best presenter.

Also congratulations Ooi Zhi Sin and Saidatul Umiyah on successfully completing their FYUP presentation in the symposium.

Lily Won the Eppendorf Master of Dexterity Competition

Lily Suhana (MPhil) and her team has won the first place in the Eppendorf Master of Dexterity Competition, defeating the other contestants in Malaysia! She has won herself the Multipette E3x/Repeater E3x. Well done Proteomics pipetting ninja!

Judith Selected to SCELSE Summer Course 2017

Congratulations Judith Audu on being selected to participate in the highly selective Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Science Engineering (SCELSE) Summer Course, at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This Course will be held from 27 June-15 July 2017, at NTU Campus Singapore.

Well done Judith!

Mubassir Awarded Best MPhil Student

Congratulations MHM Mubassir on being awarded the best MPhil student of the Faculty! He received the award at the Best Postgraduate Student Award Ceremony at the Pulai Springs Resort on 28 April 2017, in conjunction with the 58th UTM Convocation Ceremony.

Well done Mubassir!