Research Grants

YEAR 2013

  1. Identification of mitochondrial proteome and metabolic changes of orthosiphon stamineus cells exposed to heavy metal stress. FRGS from 1/4/2013 till 31/3/2015. Amount : RM 108 000. (Dr. Azman Abdul Samad)
  2. Bio-fortification of food crops for enhanced food security. Flagship-GUP from 1/4/2013 until 31/3/2014. Amount: RM 450 000. (Dr. Azman Abdul Samad, Dr Zaidah Rahmat, Dr Alina Wagiran, Dr Faezah Mohd Salleh)
  3. Physiological and biochemical characterization of herbal or medical plants potentially used in bio-remediation of heavy metals in Malaysia. Internal PAS (Potential Academic Staff) from 1/12/2012 until 30/11/2013. Amount: RM 20 000. (Dr. Azman Abdul Samad)
  4. Novel Imaging Technique for Accurate Reconstruction of Prostheses/Orthoses. E-Science Fund. MOHE. RM283,200. APRIL 2012- OCTOBER 2014. (Head of Project). (Dr Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood)
  5. Microwave Imaging for Brain Tumour Detection Using Radar Signal Processing and Image Reconstruction. GUP Grants. RM50,000. (Head of Project). (Until 30/4/2013). (Dr Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood)
  6. Automated Platelets counter based on Microscopic Image. GUP Grants. RM34,000. (Member of Project). (Until 30/4/2013). (Dr Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood)
  7. Computerized Speech Stuttering Therapy and Rehabilitation System. Amount: RM 195 500. (Dr Tan Tian Swee)
  8. Wireless Power Charging System for the Artificial Heart. Amount: RM 30 000.(Dr Tan Tian Swee, Dr Azli Yahya)
  9. Potential Academic staff Grant (PAS). RM 20, 000. Start from 1/6/2013 until 31/5/2014. (Dr Wan Rosmiza Zana Wan Dagang)
  10. GUP Tier 2. Amount: RM 50,000. (Dr Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari)
  11. Development of low power EDM Pulse Generator to Machine Micropits on Hip Implant. RM40,000. GUP (Jan-Dec 2013). (Dr Azli Yahya)
  12. Manufacturing Method for Machining Micro Pits of Hip Implant for Metal-on-Metal Lubrication. RM40,000. GUP (Jan-Dec 2013). (Dr Azli Yahya)
  13. An Online Thalassemia Management System. RM200,000. FLAGSHIP. Jan 2013-Dec 2015. (Dr Azli Yahya)
  14. Identification of mitochondrial proteome and metabolic changes of orthosipton. FRGS. RM 108,000. (Dr Chong Chun Shiong)
  15. Biodegradation of lignocellulolytic biomass using termite digestion pathway. RUG-Tier 1. RM86,000. (Dr Chong Chun Shiong)
  16. Development of mixed matrix immobilization enzyme tubes and n-zymehive bioreactors. RUG-Tier 1. RM 180,00. (Dr Chong Chun Shiong)
  17. Molecular approach for the analysis of effective mix bacterial consortium in treating real textile wastewater. RUG-Tier 1. RM100,000 (Dr Chong Chun Shiong)
  18. Isolation, screening and identification of dye-degrading bacteria. RUG-Tier 2. RM20,000. (Dr Chong Chun Shiong)
  19. Biodegradation of Lignocellulytic Biomasss using Termite Digestion Pathway, GUP, RM86,000. (PM Dr Madihah Md Salleh)
  20. Biocomodity Engineering of Palm Oil Waste, Flagship Project. RM80,000.(PM Dr Madihah Md Salleh)
  21. UTM GUP Tier 2: (RM 43,900, Dec 2012- Dec 2013). Project Leader:  Dr. Faezah Mohd Salleh. Member: Dr Zaidah Rahmat. Title: Molecular cloning of carnitine acetyltransferase (CAT) from psychrophillic yeast, Glaciozyma antarctica PI12 by Rapid amplification of complementary ends (RACE)