The department is a result of the combination of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering research area, which were merged in November 2012 as part of the restructuring between two faculties namely Faculty of Biomedical Engineering & Health Science (FKBSK) and Faculty of Biosciences and Bioengineering (FBB). There are 34 academic staff in the department. The department has 1Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 17 Senior Lecturers, 2 Lecturers and 12 Tutors.

Members of the department who are under the Biosciences expertise are involved in teaching and research activities within the blue biotechnology (environmental biotech), white biotechnology (industrial biotech), green biotechnology (agri-biotech) and red biotechnology (biopharma). These include gene and protein engineering technology, fermentation technology, bioprocess engineering, enzyme technology, plant and animal cell/tissue culture technology and biosensor technology. These technologies are applied in agriculture, health care, forensics, industrial processing and environmental protection / management in many useful ways.

Under medical engineering, members of the department actively teaching and research within the area related to biomedical instrumentation, biosignal processing, biomedical imaging, biomechanics and biomaterials, medical computing, clinical engineering, health care management system, rehabilitation engineering, sports science technology, therapy and rehabilitation technology, motion analysis, physical therapy modalities, electrotherapy modalities, exercise therapy, exercise prescription, assistive technology, orthotics and prosthetics, rehabilitation ergonomics and kinesiotherapy.

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