Career Prospects : Bachelor of Engineering ( Bio-Medical )

Career Prospects
Graduates of this course can find work opportunities in hospitals, companies involve in biomedical products, either manufacturing them, sales and service, or R&D, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, and any other party interested in health care. Among the job opportunities available to the biomedical engineer are:
  • Government regulators to oversee the implementation of the Medical Devices Act when it is enacted.
  • Engineers in hospitals or medical centers responsible for the procurement, maintenance and usage of medical devices.
  • Sales engineer of biomedical devices.
  • Engineers involve in R&D in biomedical engineering.
  • Engineers to perform test and calibration services.
  • Engineers involve in the manufacturing of medical devices.
  • Engineers in the Ministry of Health,Malaysia,responsible for the planning,management and operation of the engineering services of the public health care sector.

Bachelor of Engineering ( Bio-Medical )
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