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Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering (FBME) has proudly and successfully hosted a visiting lecturer Associate Prof Ryte Ziurene from Vilnus Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) Lithuania as part of Erasmus+ Exchange Program for 5 days, starting from 6th of March until 10th March 2017.


Several activities were arranged for Dr Ryte prior to her visit, in order to fulfill the requirements from Erasmus+ including to deliver a total of 8 hours of formal lecture to the students based on her field of interest which are graphic engineering and image processing. Since she is also an expert evaluator for Horizon 2020 – The EU Program for Research and Innovation, and her wide experience with Erasmus Program, Dr Ryte was invited to few other open discussions and sharing sessions with UTM academic staffs and students to share her knowledge for the benefits of all parties. Details of her 5-days schedule are as follows:


Day 1 :

  • Meeting with AP Dr Kahar Osman (Deputy Dean of Academic) and Dr Asnida – Welcoming Dr Ryte and a brief introduction to FBME specifically and UTM as a whole.
  • Observing Dr Asnida’s lecture for SBME 2413 students
  • Sharing session with academic staffs and postgraduate students which was organized by RMC on “Horizon 2020 Funding Opportunities and Erasmus Program : How to Secure”

Day 2 :

  • Meeting with Prof Jasmy Yunus (Dean of FBME) on potential collaborations
  • Delivering formal lecture for SMBE 4323 & SBME 3023 students ( PIC : Dr Amir Saa’ri)
  • Meeting with Prof Nordin Yahya ( Senior Director, UTM International) on strengthening and expanding the existing network between UTM-VGTU

Day 3 :

  • Research sharing session with Prof Eko and Diagnostic Research Group members
  • Delivering formal Lecture at Faculty of Computing for Image Processing subject ( PIC : Dr Shafry )

Day 4 :

  • Sharing session with FBME undergraduate students as part of ROADMAP 2017 Program : Student Engagement Series 1 on “ How Travelling Around the Globe Changes You”
  • Paying a visit to UTM libraries

Day 5 :

  • Free and easy : UTM Skudai and JB sightseeing


It was a pleasure for FBME to host Dr Ryte as our visiting lecturer as she has brought an exceptional diversity of perspectives which has open more opportunities for new connections and future research endeavors between FBME/UTM and VGTU as well as in enriching students’ intellectual by encouraging them to explore beyond their comfort zone. As a conclusion, it is hoped that more collaborations between FBME and VGTU can be initiated in building effective partnership and to create more opportunities for both staffs and students from FBME to actively participate in future exchange and mobility programs.


Reported by:

Asnida Abd Wahab



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