Visit from Deans of Universiti Sriwijaya (UNSRI)

Recently, on 8th August 2016, as part of the UTM Presidential Forum 2016 programme, the Deans of Universiti Sriwijaya (UNSRI) have visited some of the Faculties of UTM, including our Faculty, FBME. The Deans introduced themselves as Prof Dr Sharif Husin of Fakulti Kedoktoran (Medicine), Prof. Dr. Ir. Erizal Sodikin of Fakulti Pertanian Agriculture) and Prof Dr Subriyer Nasir of Fakulti Kejuruteraan (Engineering).

Our Dean, Prof Dr Jasmy Yunus, presented our warmest welcome to our honorable guests and initiated with the introduction of our Faculty, FBME, and the programs that we offer. The briefing is further continued with our Deputy Dean, Prof Dr Fahrul Huyop and Associate Professor Dr Azli Yahya on the Postgraduate Programs and on the coming conference ICBME 2016,, organized by FBME.

Our honoured guest then introduced themselves including their respectives Faculties of UNSRI. Prof Dr Sharif Husin of Fakulti Kedoktoran, highlighted their particular interest of joint research in Cardiovascular, Physiology, and Rehabilitation for the Elderly and Sports Medicine. This happens to be so much aligned to our Faculty especially from the IJN-Centre of Cardiovascular Engineering, represented by Dr Ahmad Zahran and Sports, Innovation and Technology Centre (SITC) represented by Dr Ardiyahsyah Syahrom.

Prof Dr Ir Erizal Sodikin of Faculty Agriculture shares similar interest with our Bioscience and Biotechnology branches particularly in crop science, agriculture science, industrial crop relating to palm, rubber and coffee, and environmental agriculture.

Our meeting with the honorable guests ended with light and delicious refreshments along with the handover off gifts from our beloved Dean. Our guests were then also brought to visit some of our excellent facilities which includes the IJN-UTM CCE and the MeDiTEG Research Group

Dean-Dean-Sharif-Husin Discussion at IJN-UTM IJN-UTM Prof Kahar-Stent-Dean-Sharif Visit Mediteg
– Written By Dr Mohd Najeb Jamaludin –