15 July, Saturday: Dr. Jaysuman B. Pusppanathan bagged the 1st Place while Dr. Mohd Nazri Bajuri earned 3rd Place during the Falling Walls Lab Malaysia 2017 held at the AMIST University, Bedong, Kedah. The both representative from Faculty of Biosciences and Medical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has made us proud with their astonishing three minutes research presentation to a group of seven juries from different fields of expertise.
Dr. Jaysuman B. Pusppanathan presentation entitled “Breaking the Wall of the Unseen Flow Imaging” stunned the juries and all 29 participants from different academic institutions and industries in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Dr. Mohd Nazri Bajuri’s presentation on “Breaking the Wall of Mechanobiology and Humanity” gained the attention of the juries over other competitors that earned him 3rd placing.

Dr. Jaysuman B. Pusppanathan will be sponsored by AIMST University to represent Malaysia to the Falling Walls Lab International Finale in Berlin, Germany on 8-9 November 2017 to share his innovative research ideas which gathers participants from around the globe, among them are all winners of their respective country’s Lab.
Our heartiest congratulations to both winners. You made UTM proud!

Juries and winners of Falling Walls
Lab Malaysia 2017

Dr. Jaysuman receiving 1st place award

Dr. Nazri presenting Breaking the Wall of
Mechanobiology and Humanity

Dr. Jaysuman presenting Breaking the Wall of
Unseen Flow Imaging

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