Farewell Ceremony for Prof Dr Jasmy Yunus

Assalamualaikum wbt

31st May 2017 will be Prof Jasmy’s last day in FBME. He is the leader to all and a father to some. I am so fortunate to know him personally and to be under his supervision during my early years in UTM though we rarely met. His presence, words and support are highly inspiring and motivating. His dedication and hard works as a Dean have brought FBME to where it is today.

You will be dearly missed and may Allah bless you always, Prof.

Quoted from his farewell speech
” Whatever that come to you, take it as a challenge, and the reason why it chose you is because you are capable of doing it”… 

So long and this is not goodbye…till we meet again insyaAllah

BME Students Conference 2017

Annual BME Students Conference was organized on16th May 2017 in V01 to provide a platform for final year students to showcase and share their respective project’s output with other students as well as the public. It is also a platform for them to build their networking with others ( including potential employers). Overall, I believe this event has met all its objectives. Congrats to all students and all the best in your future endeavor !!

Some of the posters which I managed to capture

BIOMEHS x ROADMAP : Hike for Life

This is the second big program organized by BIOMEHS student society in collaboration with FBME Roadmap which took place in Gunung Arong, Teluk Gorek Mersing from 12th-13th May 2017. As an Advisor I was first terrified when they proposed to have such outdoor activity for hiking is not my cup of tea and at the back of my mind, I was quite scared when I think about all of the risks which can happen before, during and after the event. Having to take care of approximately 40 students was not an easy task.

However, looking at their determination, hard work and perseverance in preparing the for the program made me believe that the risks can be minimized by following the right standard operation procedure. We have engaged with several parties such as Johor Forestry Department, UTM Student Affairs and parents in order to ensure that we have taken all necessary precautions and steps and to ensure a smooth running of the program. I am so proud of Fawwaz and the team for putting such effort. Besides hiking, there were few other programs arranged to strengthen the teamwork spirit between them for the benefit of themselves and our faculty.

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah the Almighty, the program went well as planned with zero casualty. Huge relief!. Three lecturers from FBME Dr Aizreena, Dr Nurwina and Ms Farah (they have better hiking background than me obviously) have also joined us hiking up the mountain. Thank you to them for helping me to keep an eye on the students. Again, I would like to congratulate all participants and committee members for a successful and memorable program. I hope the students have gained something out of this program which will help them in their study and their future life. InsyaAllah

Program Tentative

DAY 1 : 12th May 2017

Tents setup done, next is riadah session by the beach!

BBQ for Dinner !

DAY 2: 13th MAY 2017 

Started our journey at 330 in the morning

Arrived at the peak at 6am

Taking care of our mother nature. Collecting rubbish on our way.

Magnificent view from the top

Last briefing before departing to our home, UTM

Book Chapter

Alhamdulillah ala kullihal..

Contributed a chapter to this book and it’s finally published! I am humbled to be invited by one of the experts in my field to be in the same book with other experts though I am still taking small steps in this research area. Thank you to both co-authors, Dr Maheza and Maizatul Nadwa. Let’s go further together. InsyaAllah

FBME Roadmap 2017 : 1st to 3rd Series

A brief introduction on FBME Roadmap 2017 : Student Engagement Program

Roadmap Project 2017 has been proposed as part of the initiatives for students’ preparation upon graduation in developing their soft skills and personalities throughout continuous engagement with various activities which will be conducted outside their normal classes from Semester 1 until Semester 8. This is in line with UTM’s effort in enhancing employability rate among the graduates. The targeted participants for this particular session will be all FBME undergraduate students. It is highly anticipated that at the end of this program, students would be able to showcase an improvement in their communication skill, personal management skill, adaptability to multi-cultural environment, creative thinking, problem-solving and the ability to work in a team.

In the first session, I have briefly explained about ROADMAP program and how it could benefit them, the students in improving their soft-skills. It is a great platform for them to share their thoughts and discuss on things which are very much related to their life as a student, for them to build networking between both courses ( Medical Eng and Bioscience ) and to inspire them to do something beyond their normal daily classes.

1st Series: A session with Assoc. Prof Ryte on “How travelling around the globe changes you?”

AP Ryte shared her experiences on travelling to different countries for her short attachment as well as for academic visits. She started her presentation by introducing VGTU Lithuania to all students and why she loves travelling. It was such an interactive session as students kept on asking her current opportunities from ERASMUS and other similar programs which allow them to explore other institutions? Some of the students voiced out their concern about the expenses and some even shared their experience on how to travel at a very minimal cost. We hope that they will find any opportunities to go abroad although for a short period to gain new experiences and surviving skills. All the best !!

2nd Series: A session with Madam Aisah Salleh on “What do you need to know about your degree?”

Madam Aisah as an Academic Officer in FBME shared and explained with students about the dos and don’ts regarding their subject registration and information on procedures that all students should know especially those who have just started their term. It was surprising that most of the information released in this session are new to them and most of the questions and feedback are on the grading system, registration period, repeat procedure and change of subject matters.

On behalf of Roadmap team, we would like to thank Madam Aisah Saleh for her time spent with us and for disseminating useful information for students as well as lecturers.

3rd Series: A session with Dr Norhayati Abdullah on “Why your attitude is everything?”


We are very humbled to have Dr Norhayati Abdullah as the guest speaker in our 3rd FBME Roadmap – Student Engagement Program. More than 100 students attended this session. She brought with her a very positive aura ( and kids!) to inspire the audience to be where they want to be and how to be there? She shared her precious experiences and journey from where she was and to where she is now. Some of the important elements that she practices in her life are to imagine and scribble your future ( how you want it to be), be confident, be humble ( grow like a tree ), be kind to yourself, positive mindset, explore and do things outside your formal routine, always have plan ( for the whole week, month etc) and challenge yourself to go further.

I believe all of the students are inspired by her sharing as I do for I can relate to most of her stories. Being a mom, lecturer and involving in other community services events require a strong and positive mindset, a good time management and a good work-life balance in making yourself a purpose to those you are responsible for. In fact, she delivered part of her speech while carrying one of her kids. So much respect for her and I  hope to be as strong as she is with a very strong positive mindset regardless the challenges that I have at the moment. InsyaAllah

What an inspiring session!

Scientist for Society : Autism Awareness Project #Siri1

Scientist for Society (SfS) first event on  Autism Awareness Project was successfully organised on 8th April 2017 in FBME, UTM. It was beyond expectation as we had full house audience on that day. This event was initiated by my dear colleague Dr Nazri Bajuri (founder for SfS) in conjunction with Autism Awareness month and was officiated by the Nusajaya Adun, YB Dr Zaini Abu Bakar. The main objectives are to educate people about autism and to provide a supporting platform for all parents/teachers to discuss and share their experiences related to autism. It is also organised to spread the positive awareness in our community to further understand what is Autism and on how we can help autistic kids.

Special thanks to all co-organisers for their support :
1. Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering, UTM
2. Danish Choice Enterprise
3. Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita Negeri Johor
4. Mon Marche Enterprise
5. Nasi Lemak Paris
6. Persatuan Autisme Muslim Malaysia
6. Wacana Autisme – Semarak Biru

It is in SfS’ plan to have a regular event like this with hope to make a tangible impact from the grassroots regarding autism awareness. Please visit and like SfS Fb page for latest update : Scientist for Society 

Mid-Sem Break : USG 2017

As some of my colleagues said “mid-sem break is always a great time for us to unwind”, I spent the whole week of that ‘precious break’ participating in UTM Staff Game after I took a long hiatus in any of the sports activities due to several reasons. Hehe.
Anyway, it was such a fun and unforgettable experience to be part of the team. I participated in both badminton and volleyball games.

Although we did not have any training sessions prior the games, we secured Bronze for both nonetheless !! What a surprise !! Alhamdulillah…
All and all, its now about how many medals you have won, it’s all about how you as an individual work as a team and give your best till the last drop of your sweat.

Congratulation to all FBME players/coaches/managers/supporters for being in the Top 10 ranking for USG 2017 !!